Chia Seeds DO NOT Buy Without Reading This

Birds eat Chia Seeds, ancient civilizations ate them, people today are starting to discover them. Of course if you are allergic to them, do not eat them. There are NO side effects from eating chia seeds give me a break!

Side effects are in her title as an attention grabber I think.

Nope, I don’t think there are any side effects, these are not meds, these are an ancient time tested pure and safe FOOD. Food doesn’t have side effects generally speaking. If you’re allergic to something, of course, don’t eat it!

Extremely healthy with many interesting benefits. I’m going to post some more videos on this so be sure and look through the healthycreatures site and learn more. I’m going to show the process of making the gel in the next video so you can see the gel form before your very eyes.

These were used by Mexican Indian runners in ancient times. They would carry a sack for long journeys. They could stop, add a little water, and have a meal on the go. The real benefit for them was they retain their hydration for a long time, and slowly hydrate the body. These long distance runners in ancient times kept their bodies well hydrated with Chia Seed gel.

FIVE things to know before you buy:

1) You usually will NOT want to buy Chia seeds from China. Best to avoid those as a general rule, these are not high quality.

2) Buy only 100 percent pure organic if you can.

3) Always choose “certified organic” this is the best type.

4) Don’t buy low quality super cheap seeds (quite possibly GMO).

5) WARNING: Do NOT eat the seeds from a Chia Pet, these are industrial grade Chia seeds and are not meant for consumption as a food!

Here are my top 3 picks for Chia seeds on Amazon.  These are all excellent choices, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Of course organic is the best bet.







  1. Hello,
    Could you please advice any links explaining the risks of china chia seeds? I am still looking for the reason between organic and not. In Europe we can meet a very cheap seeds and I wanna find the reason.

    Thank you, Eva

  2. Don’t eat the Chia seeds from China. Those are apparently not good. Do not eat Chia seeds intended for use in arts and crafts like “chia pets”. I think the ones from China are not usually food grade and certainly far from organic.

  3. I bought some chia seeds to try in my smoothies. In my infinite wisdom, I forgot to also buy cockatiel seed. At least I remembered cat food. Anyway, it was a few hours before I could get back to the store and my 23-year-old cockatiel didn’t have much food in his dish. So, I fed him some chia seed. He absolutely LOVED it. I read that it’s supposed to be good for birds, too.

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