Why We Should Re-Use Glass Straws or Silicon Straws – Ocean of Garbage

A Vancouver photographer shares the shocking images he saw at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch near Hawaii.  Those birds are dying from eating all our plastic trash. It’s not just one or two of them.
It’s thousands of them. Killed by our plastic trash. Those poor birds!

So everyone needs to get their eco-act together.  Stop using plastic straws (and throwing them out).
We are throwing BILLIONS of plastic straws into the ocean!  That’s BILLIONS folks.
Those plastic straws are EVIL and not at all FUN as they appear.

Re-use your bottles, whatever they are.  Get some nice re-usable non toxic bottles from the local water store or else some glass ones. Stop throwing out so much plastic.  Make plastic sculptures, make plastic jewelry, anything but throwing it out.

I hope someone figures out how to recycle all that plastic they’re finding in the ocean. I guess that’s our future, pulling plastic out of the ocean and re-using it but..until then, how can you look at footage of birds with a stomach full of plastics and not feel bad about this plastic crap we’re killing these birds with!  How can you look a bird in the eye without looking down in SHAME.

Every time you sip from a re-usable straw, you could be SAVING A BIRD!

Use glass or silicon straws, and re-use them. How many plastic straws have YOU personally put into the ocean? This is a big part of your toxic footprint on this earth actually.  Straws. Who woulda thought? Stop filling trash cans with plastic straws around town!  It seems silly but if you saw a BILLION plastic straws floating around on the beach one day,  those happy bright colors might not seem so happy and bright anymore.

In addition, these plastic straws you are slurping out of, are NOT the good plastic.  These are leaching toxic chemicals into your body, they use the absolute WORST and cheapest possible plastic for those straws.

Here’s some alternatives: Glass or silicon or stainless steel. Any of these alternative straw options are a wise choice for the planet and for your body as well.

Here’s my top choice for silicon straws

They are free of heavy metals and plastic and they won’t break like glass.
Silicon straws can easily be tossed into your purse and reused.
I also found a good stainless steel straw here, but it’s pretty huge (for Boba).
The glass straws on the right are very cool. Just stop using plastic straws for the health of the planet as well as your own health.

if you want glass straws, here’s some more options, but be VERY careful, you can easily chip a tooth or break a tooth:

Glass Straw Selection

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