Radiation protection – Chlorella and Spirulina – featuring Gary Null PhD

Health industry legend and superstar health guru Gary Null PhD. talks about what we can do to strengthen our body’s response to radiation exposure. Be sure and watch all the way to the end where he talks about baking soda baths, and how to do that, and use THAT much baking soda with salt, wow!

Radiation protection is something the whole world is thinking about, or should be thinking about. It has become very clear that we are a negligent species in our use of nuclear power so recklessly. With a MAJOR spill in PROGRESS at Fukushima in Japan, it has become clear to me that things are really out of control and there are unfortunately many more disasters waiting to happen, and that’s very depressing to tell you.

Apparently undaunted, Japan is about to open a NEW plant with many more planned. How is this not insane? Here in America we also have this truly insane agenda moving ahead full tilt. Between the US and Japan, there are literally hundreds of nuclear power plants and any one of them could produce an EXTINCTION EVENT. Scientists are in complete agreement on this point. Construction plans continue world wide for these abominations.

radiation protection


Well, we’re fighters right? We have to deal with it. We have to find ways to survive. Find ways to prosper in the face of insanity. It’s what I do and I urge you to get smart and learn as much as you can about radiation exposure and dealing with it or minimizing it.

Both Chlorella and Spirulina are very powerful choices in the fight against radiation and I have listed the two very best options in my view just below.
Sun for Chlorella and HealthForce for Spirulina. My top choices from Amazon. Both are lightyears beyond most of the other companies.


Never settle for less with your superfoods, that’s my motto.

I love the baking soda bath idea towards the end of the video. After x-rays or any radiation exposure, take a baking soda bath. Half a pound of sea salt and half a pound of baking soda in your bath! WOW, that’s a lot! I put some baking soda deals below, with so many many powerful uses, I like to have a LOT of that stuff on hand. If you’re putting half a POUND in each bath for a while, you’re going to be going through a LOT. Just be careful about putting things in your bath you can clog up the drain with things like clay or coconut oil. I don’t think baking soda will clog your drain, but I’m not sure yet on that. If anyone knows whether baking soda might clog your drain or not, please leave a comment, I’m not sure on this yet.

Here are the best chlorella and spirulina choices on Amazon by far.  This stuff has become a staple in my diet and I can feel a huge difference on so many levels.  Highly recommend. Also posted is a book about these amazing superfoods.

Sun Chlorella 500 mg 120 Tablets
Chlorella tablets (1250 count, 250g), cold-pressed, 100% pure, from Raw Power Organics
Healthforce Spirulina Azteca, Powder, 500-Grams
Radiation Protection and Dosimetry: An Introduction to Health Physics


Learn more about chlorella

Three baking soda choices.  The one on the right is 13.5 pounds!
Baking soda is one of the few products that you don’t have to worry
about quality between brands that much.  It turns out, baking soda
is baking soda for the most part, this brand is just fine.  You don’t
have to buy some special expensive version of this one although
you can certainly pay much more if you want (for the same exact thing).

You REALLY want to pay more?  I get that.
The one below costs more. Here ya go.
Maybe it’s a little better!


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