bitters history of an herbal tonic

What are BITTERS?

You may or may not be familiar with bitters.  It’s nothing new at all in many European countries people have been making and consuming bitters for probably 1000’s of years in Germany and Switzerland, of course the recipes differ, but the idea remains the same.  Stimulate the digestive system to process the food faster and more completely with increased delivery of powerful nutrients including OXYGEN.  Oxygen levels are increased as well as potassium, and phosphorous and much more…Hey, it’s only 19 bucks!

I just ordered my first bottle.  I’m looking forward incorporating this into my health regimen for sure.

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Here’s my story with bitters.  I started with ANOTHER brand called KM potassium supplement back in the 80’s, when the formula was the best I think.  At some point, someone bought that company and they added “artifical and natural flavorings” as well as “methylparaben (preservative) and propylparaben (preservative)”.

That might have been a bad move on their part because if you think about it…why would a HEALTH PRODUCT contain such things?  Somebody has to be a real a-hole to put crap like that in a HEALTH FOOD SUPPLEMENT right?   So these added ingredients kinda spoiled the magic right?  Well, actually no.  It’s still a fantastic health supplement actually…in the same way that a veggie burger of ANY kind is better than a pork chop.  Sure some veggie burgers contain “canola oil” which is very bad, and YET…it’s healthier than a ham sandwich.  I always have a bottle of KM handy in the fridge, and YET…now that I know about SURTHRIVAL bitters, I think I could be DONE with KM folks.  The NERVE of those guys!  Adding crap like that to their bitters…

There are literally millions of bitters created throughtout history, but nowadays Surthrival has one on the market and I can hardly wait to try it!  I might have to stop buying KM folks…I’m just NOT feeling those “artificial and natural flavoring” and I’m also not digging those 2 preservatives.

These guys at SURTHRIVAL would never ever even DREAM of putting crap like that in their products.  I might even throw out my KM it’s starting to piss me off a little that they would have the unmitigated GAUL, to add such ingredients to a brilliant swiss formula developed over 100 years ago by this Swiss guy.  Anyway, click ANY of these banners to get some of the HEALTHY stuff without that nasty stuff added.  Who adds NASTY stuff to health product?  Can you even IMAGINE doing that?  Artificial and natural flavorings can mean just about ANYTHING, including msg!  The NERVE Of those guys!  I think I might be done with those old bitters.  Time to BRING ON SURTHRIVAL!  TIme to get the BEST BITTERS!

GO with Surthrival.  Anything they have for sale, is good.  Anything on their site is great.  It’s a jungle out there folks!  Be sure you are one of the HEALTHYCREATURES!  Eat your BITTERS with every meal! Just make sure you get the RIGHT bitters.

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