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Benefits of Coconut Oil and it’s Many Uses

Coconut oil is truly an extraordinary superfood with amazing benefits but you might be surprised how much BETTER everything tastes when you cook with this stuff.

In other words, of all the superfoods, this is one of the most delicious ones in my opinion. Learn about superfoods here at Healthycreatures and expand your awareness. Coconut oil is a very powerful superfood with many uses.  Let’s explore some of the many profound benefits of coconut oil shall we?

Of all the oils, coconut is one of the very best for cooking. I buy coconut oil by the gallon and keep a stockpile going at all times. I use it for cooking, brushing my teeth, skin, hair, and as a carrier or medium for various other nutrients. Apparently coconut oil is an excellent delivery system for various other complimentary super foods like MSM. Sometimes I use it on popcorn or as a general replacement for butter. It’s excellent on steamed spinach and asparagus. Great on toast or bagels. Sometimes add it to certain teas, again as a powerful carrier agent. In other words, it helps your body absorb other things far better, which is quite significant really.

I use it with so many dishes nowadays. My salmon is drenched in this stuff and you have never had salmon this good in your life. I might share my recipe on this site at some point soon.

Coconut oil got a bad rap in the 90’s for containing fat, but in recent years researchers have discovered that some fat is actually very good for you.  The kind you find in avacado, coconut and all types of nuts. This is the GOOD fat folks. The kind you NEED and the kind that doesn’t make you fat. Sure if you gobble up ten avacados and an ounce of coconut oil every day you’ll gain, but if you simply replace your current cooking oils with this one all you’re going to see are health improvements, not weight gain.

Stop buying low quality oils for your cooking and discover the benefits not only for your health but also the taste of your food! Most cooking oils have been shown to increase the bad cholesterol and are extremely unhealthy once you heat them. Only a few oils are actually healthy to cook with. Coconut oil is one of these types of oils and has many benefits as well as many uses besides cooking.

Also look into “oil pulling“. Coconut oil is an excellent choice to swish around in your mouth for ten minutes or so before spitting it out. It pulls lots of kinda gross stuff out of your mouth like pus apparently, so yeah, spit it out. I try to do some oil pulling every morning.

You are going to find many uses for this amazing oil which is amazing for your skin and to heal your skin, so it’s really extremely useful both internally and externally. Once I got into this stuff, I never turned back. I have ten gallons stacked up in the closet at all times, that’s how central it is to my health regimen. Oh, by the way, coconut oil is the best known CARRIER oil on the planet, which means, you mix it with stuff like MSM or whatever else, and the body absorbs the MSM a lot better. Great with MSM by the way.

In this video, internationally renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses the benefits of coconut oil and it’s amazing properties both raw and cooked.

Many people brush their teeth with coconut oil and experience profound benefits. It’s an incredible healing agent for your skin and hair and kills fungus on your toes. Excellent for massage and for oil pulling both of which have very powerful benefits. If you want to buy the best stuff at a really great price, here are some excellent choices for raw organic coconut oil.

Nature’s Way EfaGold Coconut Oil – 16 fl oz

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 32 Ounce

and here are 2 one-gallon sizes and one 5 gallon size.
I tend to buy the 1 gallon size and it lasts for months.
Pro Tip: Keep your pail very clean, make sure you use a very clean spoon, and don’t let anything contaminate your main container, and pack up smaller containers periodically so you don’t open the gallon that often.  No need to refrigerate!
Be aware that the oil will be SOLID state when it’s cold, and LIQUID state when it’s hot. Either way is great.

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