Plastic Pollution in our Oceans

Oceans are silently choking on our plastic pollution. Plastic and synthetic materials are the most common types of debris.  It’s shocking to see the ocean wildlife choking on our plastic waste products. It’s one of the saddest things you will ever see in your life.

plastic pollution in our oceans infographic

Recycle and Re-use. That is the mantra of a civilized human being in the twenty first century. Keep those two words in mind at all times. If you can’t recycle it, then use it again. Use it again and again. It’s a very satisfying feeling to know that you are truly doing your part to keep this plastic out of the ocean. You really don’t want to be responsible for some bird choking to death on some stupid plastic product.

Please re-use your water bottles. Stop throwing plastic in the trash. Throw them in the recycling bin. Be mindful of your toxic footprint.  Better yet, don’t buy plastic bottles like a mindless idiot.  Stop buying that crap, especially those tiny insane plastic drinking waters.  In addition to winding up in the ocean in most cases, the manufacturing of these godawful plastic bottles is SERIOUSLY polluting the local rivers near these horrible manufacturing plants.  I should do another blog entry about this, this is reason enough to stop using these horrible products.

Whenever I’m in a meeting and they start passing out those horrible tiny plastic water bottles I always say something like “no thanks, those are not cool” or “no thanks, those are really uncool”.

This is our world, we must be the change we want to see in the world. I am very careful to recycle plastic bottles and everything I possibly can. I stopped using plastic straws. Every little thing you can do adds up, and others will take notice and learn from you.

Stop putting toxic chemicals into your body as well!  Most plastic bottles are leaching toxic chemicals into your drinks! Especially if they have sat in the sun for any length of time so don’t leave those plastic drinking bottles sitting in your car anymore.  Really bad move.

Stop using them and just throwing them out. Start RE-using. Save some birds! Save yourself while you’re at it!

Better yet, use GLASS bottles. That’s what I do. The water tastes better as well. I buy apple cider in large gallon size bottles and then I re-use them for my water storage. The water really does taste way better and there’s no plastic flavor.  Once you go glass, you can’t go back!



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