Bovine or COW Colostrum talk – part 3

Continuing discussion with Daniel Vitalis and Matt Monarch part 3.  I get the feeling Daniel could talk for hours on the subject of bovine colostrum without repeating himself much at all.  You can really see that he is very passionate about many health topics and deeply involved in the movement as a whole.

His talks are both informative and inspirational, if you like this one, you will probably enjoy his other talks.  Take notes!  Get informed, get educated.  It’s funny how most people have never even heard about colostrum and certainly havn’t tried it themselves.  The powder is a remarkable superfood and well worth exploring and trying for yourself.  Get the best, don’t settle for less. Many of us treat our CAR better than our own body. We’ll get the top grade fuel for our car and then go buy some low quality fuel for our body. Something is wrong with that picture. Treat yourself right.

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