Colostrum Powder – SurThrival’s Immunity Quest

One of my favorite superfoods is the incredibly healthy and delicious colostrum powder. There are many benefits and advantages to eating this, one of man’s earliest most primal foods. Men and women have been drinking colostrum for centuries, probably since before recorded history. There are so many growth factors and living enzymes present it’s mindboggling. Nature’s perfect food it is often called. This man is very articulate and has done his research. He knows a lot about this stuff, it’s a real passion for him clearly and I share his passion. Learn about superfoods here with us at HealthyCreatures.

I have posted a number of videos on the subject and it’s well worth taking the time to watch them all. What is more important than your food intake? Learn as much as you can as soon as you can before you are seriously ill from malnutrition like most of the world today in both rich and poor countries. Seriously ill from malnutrition doesn’t just mean starving, it also means living on low quality food items day in and day out. I have very successful friends and family who are very well off or make decent money, who will go and buy a cheap cut of meat instead of a nice cut, and who will remodel their kitchen before their diet. I just don’t get it. If you can afford it, get the best for you and your family members at every opportunity. Spend the money. Get smart. Learn from everyone. Make changes. Make adjustments. Find the best stuff. Learn about superfoods.

That’s really what healthycreatures is mostly about. Sharing my discoveries with family and friends so they can get the very best quality stuff and upgrade the quality of their lives and the lives of their children. I have spent a lot of time finding these products and now you don’t have to. I’m going to present them here on the site for people who might be interested in expanding their knowledge and jump starting their health with cutting edge breakthroughs in the world of nutrition and superfoods.

I personally love the taste of Surthrival Colostrum powder, but if you don’t fancy the taste or even want to try it, they also have capsules so you don’t have to EVER even taste it. I eat some every day, I love the taste. At the moment, it’s helping me fight an infection and I can feel it working definitely. Fantastic product with a remarkably informative spokesman. One of my favorite superfoods definitely. I don’t think I could drink the raw yellow liquid colostrum, I think that might gross me out a bit, but this powder is actually VERY tasty. It’s really delicious, I guess it tastes like cheese more than milk. It’s very cheesy. Hard to describe, but it’s extremely delicious for most people who actually have tried it.

This not milk, it’s totally different than milk. A totally different food. It’s a deep subject and well worth exploring further.

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