Indigenous Nutrition & Physical Evolution 1/6

Indigenous Nutrition & Physical Evolution 1/6

Daniel Vitalis is a leading health, nutrition, and personal development strategist as well as a nature based philosopher. In seeking to answer the health challenges of modern humanity, Daniel deeply immersed himself in the natural medicine, nutritional practices, and lifestyle pursuits that supported our ancestors in many generations of robust health, powerful immunity, and intentional longevity. This Quest has lead to a unique, non-dogmatic approach to invincible health and personal development that he calls “Shamanic Nutrition”, a strategy based on the timeless understanding of the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Daniel is a very interesting health guru and one of my favorites these days.  His company “Surthrival” makes some incredible foods including the best colostrum I have come across.  His “Pine Pollen” is becoming very popular and is another favorite of mine.

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