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Toxic Effects of Aluminum – Use Healthy Cookware – Iron or Stainless Steel Choices

In this video, Dr. Group discusses the Toxic Effects of Aluminum. Check all your cookware and be sure you aren’t cooking on any aluminum pots or pans. It’s a very serious concern and a really big deal. Many of us are not even aware that we are cooking with aluminum or the health ramifications of that. Choose healthy cookware such as Iron or Stainless Steel for a huge health upgrade.

If you’ve been using aluminum cookware for years and years, you might want to consider some heavy metal detox as well, like zeotrex, which I highly recommend.

Please. Don’t cook your food on aluminum pots or frying pans. It’s a very bad habit. I used to do it, but I stopped. I had no idea. I didn’t even realize I was cooking with aluminum. What a massive upgrade! Throw out your aluminum frying pan, do it today! Get yerself a good old fashioned IRON skillet and the iron tea pots are pretty dope too but I havn’t tried them I use glass. The all clad stainless steel is amazing if you can afford it, if not, IRON is just fine. I actually think either one is a great choice and a huge upgrade definitely.

I love my IRON skillet, I went through maybe a dozen crappy aluminum frying pans before I finally realized how horrible they were and threw it out. They also don’t last that long while this iron skillet kinda last forever really. Nice frying pans that last forever and contain NO aluminum. You can even throw it in the oven, which I often do, because there’s no plastic handle or plastic grip like most aluminum pans.

Anyway, here’s some great choices if you are using an aluminum pan, throw it out and get one of these deals below. I swear food actually tastes better too, there’s nothing like cooking some coconut oil or some macadamia nut oil in an Iron Skillet. That bayou 16 incher looks amazing, I might have to get one of those too. Check out this cast iron tea pot also I just spotted, its pretty amazing, I haven’t really tried cast iron tea pots yet but I will. Just make sure you get IRON or STAINLESS STEEL, that’s all. Either one of those is going to be a massive health upgrade for you if you’ve been cooking with aluminum products like so many of us have been. After many years, that toxic buildup is quite significant and needs to be addressed if you want to be a healthycreature. Healthycreatures don’t cook with aluminum pans. I even stopped using aluminum foil, although my wife squaked and squaked about that one…We are all such creatures of habit really, we just get stuck in our habits and don’t even think about the option of CHANGING our habits.

I recommend keeping your iron skillet oiled for longer life and to keep the rust away. I hang mine on a hook on the wall so it drips dries after washing and it never seems to rust that way! Kinda cool trick. I actually don’t really keep mine oiled but I should.

If you’re frying pan is of questionable construction, toss it folks! If it has a plastic handle, it’s probably aluminum. If it has teflon coating, it’s probably aluminum.

If it’s silver and doesn’t say “stainless steel” on the bottom, it’s probably aluminum. If it’s cast iron you’ll know it because there won’t be a plastic handle and it will be very heavy. Buying my iron skillet was one of the best investment I have made in the kitchen. Another one of those OBVIOUS but not so obvious things. People come over and marvel at my Iron Skillet actually, it’s funny.

I tossed all my frying pans with the plastic handle that did NOT say “stainless steel” on the bottom. If there’s a plastic handle, and it does NOT say “stainless steel” on the bottom, chances are VERY good that it’s an aluminum pan. Toss it folks. Order a real iron skillet and toss that crappy old pan.

replace your toxic frying pan with an iron skillet

If you HAVE been using aluminum cookware, you probably should consider detox solutions, and choose the very best like the globalhealingcenter products.

Zeotrex® is an herbal blend that helps rejuvenate vitality, energy, mental clarity, and overall wellness through the detoxification of chemicals and metals.

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