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EMF at Home

Many many things today produce toxic electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This electro smog builds up in layer upon layer upon layer resulting in a toxic environment that is getting hard to avoid.  Some of us might need EMF Protection at home.

Many of us living in the big city have begun to notice more and more high frequency noises, or “electro smog” and it’s only getting worse with the impending rollout of 5G technology, which is not only bad news for our health, but really isn’t needed.  Unless you are a movie studio that needs to sends huge files instantly across the air waves, we REALLY don’t even need this crap.  In Italy, they are rolling out their 5G technology using fiber optic cables underground.  This is an example of a far superior, cleaner, safer way to do this stuff.   Why we are not using fiber optic cables for this rollout is mind boggling to me.

I won’t even go into the various theories about this, and there are many on social media so you won’t have any trouble finding out what people are speculating about this.  I just think it’s the tech sector and wall street wanting to make money and not giving a shit about people’s health.  Whatever the reason for this insane rollout, I have been increasingly annoyed by the electro smog in the big city.  I hear these high frequencies everywhere, and it’s not letting up.

I want to find solutions and I’m ready to start trying stuff.  Here are a few options.

I’m still researching this, but I think you need to ground this stuff…

Then there’s Faraday cage stuff, which has been around for a long time, not sure if you need to ground this stuff or not yet.

Just found this, for smart meters below. I don’t know if you really need these, you have to check the EMF with a meter to see how bad it is. Some smart meters seem to be ok, while others are blasting you. Be sure and GROUND the unit. The power company can still get the readings apparently, although I’m not sure why that is if it’s blocking the EMF. Ok, here’s the answer I found. “The utility company still gets the signal they need because the Smart Meter Guard is about 98% efficient at blocking the RF from your smart meter. The 2% or so that gets out is still enough for the utility company to get their signal.” Anyway, you can test the EMF before and after with the free app, so if it’s a scam you can always get your money back.

Electromagnetic Fields – Living with Cell Phone Towers, 5G, Smart Meters and Electro Smog which is commonplace in the big city today.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a remote spot without any electro smog or ringing noises at all.  Nevermind.

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