EMF Hats

I think this is a relatively new industry. Tactics for the 21st century wireless shit storm. These are going to be huge, especially if this crazy 5G wireless crap actually DOES roll out.  Some say it’s going to make a LOT of people very sick.  Honestly, with cell towers, smart meters, and everything else already happening, if you live in the big city, you are already dealing with ELECTRO SMOG.

EMF hats are going to be huge.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot this coming trend, and already I’m seeing a rapid increase in hats available for sale.  It’s too soon to say which one is the best, I haven’t tried ANY of them yet.  Already some pretty serious contenders for our consideration, and some could just be scams. You would need a good EMF Meter to test the hat and find out for yourself if it’s blocking stuff. Even if you don’t wear it everyday, it might come in handy one day if you know you have to climb a cell tower or work on a window next to a 5G transmitter. Please note, these hats will not protect you in the least bit if you’re visiting chernobyl or fukushima, that’s nuclear radiation and a whole different conversation:

First the freaky looking ones that you might expect.  The ones out of a sci fi movie:

Then some more normal looking ones that  might blend in more.  You could even wear the 2nd one under another hat if it was big enough.  If you want a stealth EMF hat, this 2nd one might do the trick:

Some baby beanies, for babies.  GA GA.:

how about a bed canopy? or an EMF hoody? These should be for another post really…

sometimes I find even better deals on ebay. actually these are my top picks for style anyway, just click on the image to check it out and see the prices:

SAFARI EMF HAT - PROTECTION from electromagnetic fields








emf protection beanie





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