EMF Protection

I have no idea what that is on his head, it’s just funny. Actually, this isn’t a funny topic at all, it’s pretty serious by most accounts. Wifi. Cell phone towers. Microwaves. 3G. 4G. And now rolling out 5G. If you live in the big city, you might have noticed it’s getting noisier and noiser. Don’t believe me? Take a road trip to the middle of nowhere, shut off the car, and have a listen. You might be surprised at how quiet it is.

Life in the big city is filled with many hazards and EMF (electomagnetic frequencies) is an issue. For some of us, it’s getting really loud lately. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could experience that same quiet we felt in the middle of nowhere, in our home. In the big city.

Maybe we can take the edge off, at least at night when we go to sleep. Maybe we can protect ourselves to some degree at least. Here’s some ideas.

EMF protection is probably not something most of us think about that much, but with 5G rolling out as we speak, this is getting nuts. I don’t like the background noise, especially at night it sucks. One of the draw backs of life in the big city. I havn’t tried any of these, but if I had the money I probably would. That last one looks like it’s for improving sleep, not sure if it does anything about EMF but for those having trouble sleeping it might be a good one to have.

To reduce EMF exposure, we can either wear clothes and hats that block it or paint our walls with EMF blocking paint, or build a faraday cage around our bed. I’m still looking into this because 5G concerns me a bit. I think 5G might be a really really BAD thing, and cancer rates will probably skyrocket. Probably is a form of population control, who knows. I just know it sucks. I’m not thrilled and excited about 5G. At all.

More soon…

read more here: https://www.saferemr.com/2018/03/cell-phone-towers-are-largest.html

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