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Glass Tea Kettle is a HUGE upgrade from your TOXIC metal kettle

Buy a VERY affordable GLASS Tea Kettle for a HUGE upgrade, see below for the healthiest tea kettle options. Stop using your toxic old aluminum tea kettle. Check to see if there is any aluminum in the kettle, Yikes. Aluminum is really really bad news in your kettle. You don’t want to be heating your water in an aluminum kettle, it’s very unhealthy for your body.

Do you clean your tea kettle? EVER? Do you LIKE that metallic flavor in your tea and coffee? Are you using an ALUMINUM kettle (REALLY bad news). If you must use a metal kettle, be absolutely sure beyond a doubt, that the metal is stainless steel or cast iron and with NO aluminum. Kinda major actually, you need to know what kind of metal you are heating your food and water in. Aluminum definitely DOES leach out into the water or food and is a pretty serious health risk, while SHOCKINGLY there are a LOT of pots and pans and kettles that ARE aluminum. People just don’t realize. I should post some good frying pans too here actually, maybe that’s my next post. Many frying pans also contain toxic aluminum and should really just be thrown out honestly.

This video will explain a great way to clean your funky metal tea kettle but even MORE exciting is the alternative idea I found just below. Seems so obvious and makes me wonder, why isn’t everyone doing this? Why isn’t everyone using THIS tea pot shown below instead of their old burnt metal toxic dump pot?

I used to use metal tea pots like the one in the video, for many years, but I stopped when I remembered this other thing called, ready for it?



Fact is, aluminum does in fact leach out when you expose it to high heat, and it’s probably leaching out into your water and your favorite hot beverages. Upgrading to a glass or stainless steel kettle could be one of the biggest health upgrades of the year if you drink a lot of tea.

Sad, but true. Even more sad that many people don’t even realize this, or realize how much BETTER their favorite hot beverage will taste when the water is cooked in GLASS. There’s a reason that most restaurants use these glass pots for their coffee machines…and their customers LOVE their coffee even though it’s actually not gourmet at all.

I used to use my metal teapot til it was smoking and the handle had melted off into a huge plastic glob. Then, I’d keep using it, and wonder to myself, hmm, why does my tea taste like Transformers and Robocops have been swimming around in there. Why does my tea taste like a tank in the desert.

Why does my tea have a metallic odor and taste like licking the eiffel tower on a hot day?  Or like licking a TANK in the desert.

Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettleglass tea kettle,healthy tea kettle,glass kettle

Since I switched over to the glass tea kettle, I really do feel much healthier. Of course, there are thousands of reasons for that beyond this one reason, but I swear by this glass kettle for anyone who is using a metal kettle right now. You should really upgrade, you’re thank me later, big time. Come back to this site and buy some other stuff to thank me! Check back periodically anyway, I have lots of cool stuff coming soon here.

Anyone who knows me nowadays knows that I’m a super health nut and I was even before I had my baby boy recently, but now…I’m kicking it into overdrive folks, hold onto yer hats!

If you’re a healthycreature or would like to become one, there is a LOT to learn here in this health niche, oh man. I am fortunate enough to have a powerful network of health gurus but in addition to that folks, I’ve been really into this stuff for a while now. My friends already know. Unfortunately, some of the VERY coolest stuff isn’t on this site yet but stay tuned and don’t miss out!

Stay tuned!

Check back often! Become a HEALTHYCREATURE and discover vibrant health in this lifetime.

The good news is, there’s lots of amazing stuff coming soon that you may not be aware of.  Life hacking, best in class food and gadgets, superfood discoveries, toxic food alternatives that are even BETTER.
For example: Have you tried the Mung Bean Fettucini yet? You actually can’t go back to white flour pasta after you try that.  OH man I love that stuff. It’s actually super filling though, so don’t make too much at once.

How about a 16″ Bayou Classic Iron Skillet?

I’m out. More soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Does your tea pot look like THIS?

glass tea pot replaces your burnt out metal pot

Then you need one of these. Either Glass or stainless steel, either one is a really great upgrade for most folks:

Hmm, some people might want to order a nice HOT PLATE electric stovetop to go with that. If you’re switching from an electric tea kettle, you might need a heat source to go with your new glass kettle. Here’s a couple single burners, a double burner, and a really wild double burner, with an OVEN attached!

Then there’s these if you don’t want to deal with a hotplate.

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