Echinacea Immunity Booster

Echinacea is a truly amazing herb and herbal supplement best known for it’s cold fighting and immune system boosting qualities.

I prefer this Swiss brand and have been using it for decades with great success. The moment I feel a cold coming on, or the possibility of a cold creeping up on me, I take a few drops. Some people hate the taste, but for me it’s well worth getting over it.  If you already HAVE a cold or flu, this stuff will shorten
the length of your illness.

You can get liquid or capsule form so if the taste is way too gross for you, you probably want the capsules. Ok, some say it’s the nastiest thing they have ever tasted so be warned, it’s not going to taste like candy and probably wont make you say things like “yum” or “mmm”.

Zand is my favorite and has been for decades, it just works. Although I haven’t tried the capsule form I have no problem with doing a few drops of the liquid, for some the capsules might be a huge factor in their success. After all, if you can’t stomach it, you’re not going to take it. At least try the liquid and if you can deal with it, it’s really something special this stuff. Keep your immune system strong and do a few drops periodically even if you’re feeling great already.

ZAND Insure Immune Support 4 OZ

If you are sensitive to nasty herbal fluids that taste kinda like mud, you might prefer the capsules to the liquid.

Zand Insure Herbal Immune Support, 60-Count

Ok here are 3 deals.  2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz.  Notice the price is about the same for each one!
Might as well grab the 8 oz, the one on the far right.  I never run out of this stuff!

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