Iodine Mineral Supplement Warning

Dr. Haskell briefly reviews his personal experience with the dangers of high dose iodine.
We are not getting enough iodine in our foods which is a real concern but high doses of iodine is not a good idea. A few drops of a quality iodine mineral supplement on the tongue daily is a wise move, and this could be the most important health supplement of them all. Both our food and the soil we grow our food in is drastically lacking in this once plentiful element. This is a very important mineral for your body.

There are in fact some excellent food choices for iodine consumption including kelp which contains iodine, but most people aren’t eating much kelp these days. I switched from pasta to kelp noodles long ago. I also enjoy mung bean fettuchini, watch for my next post about pasta replacement ideas.

Even before radiation was a global issue, it was crucially important for our soil to contain adequate amounts of iodine and today the soil is tragically depleted. Today with current nuclear issues in the world, it’s even more critical. Even without radiation exposure, our bodies desperately need iodine and our bodies are not getting it. In addition, the body doesn’t store up iodine as it does for some things. Again, the body does NOT store up on iodine, it just RUNS OUT.

The fact is we are not getting very much iodine in our diets and it’s a serious concern. Dr. Haskell recommends 3 MILLIGRAMS as a safe dosage, but I just take a few drops every day. Don’t think for a moment that this is the only doctor taking iodine and making sure their families are getting regular dosage. If there is one element we all should be including in our “lifestyle” it’s this one.

This is the brand I use myself, but get something, any brand.
I got the 8 oz bottle and it’s very nearly tasteless, like a breath of air.

I have listed both iodine and indium here, I plan on researching the difference soon but they are both valuable minerals to be sure. STOCK UP!

iodine mineral supplement

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