Learn about Kale – Extraordinary Superfood You Can Prepare in Many Different Ways

Learn about Kale here at healthycreatures as we explore this interesting superfood.

How to tame kale’s bitterness.

Kale is a fantastic rich full superfood that is excellent raw, cooked and juiced.  Mix it into soups, salads, omelettes, soufles, whatever.  It’s also a VERY popular choice for juicing because that juice is perhaps the
best liquid food you can possibly drink. I like to mix some kale in with my apples and carrots for powerful fresh juice.  You can even throw in some organic ginger to give it some extra bite and healing power.  Learn about superfoods here at Healthycreatures and improve your quality of life.

As with most superfoods, you can buy the powder or the juice, and each form has many versions. Here’s 3 interesting powders
for the juice I think it’s best to make it fresh, not buy it from Amazon:

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