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Mushrooms are incredible if they are edible. Don’t go harvesting your own in the wild without a serious expert on hand or years of training, but if you want to grow some on your own safely, I have some hot tips for you below. This video covers some information about Oyster Mushrooms, but that’s just the tip of the shroom. Learn about mushrooms and order a grow your own kit (see below).

This video shows a great way to grow shitake mushroom on logs, which is dope, but if you want a much much easier really fun way, check out the links below.

Oyster mushrooms are excellent in salad, speghetti and much more. Slice em up and fry them in some coconut oil with some sea salt and onions to start your speghetti sauce. I have been back and forth about mushrooms over the years, I have heard some say they are bad because they are moldy or something, but in recent years I have come to realize that mushrooms are incredible and extremely healthy if you eat the right ones. Get the organic ones, or grow your own organic ones.

I have only recently come to realize just how MANY types of edible mushrooms there are! In addition to oyster and shitake, I have recently discovered Reishi and Chaga which are amazing little known mushrooms of great significance medicinally.

There are these incredible mushroom growing “kits” out now and I’m into it. I’m into it! I want to order a bunch of these. Great fun for the kids too.

When you’re done with it, the entire thing is biodegradable so you can just dump it into your garden out back or into the compost.

Sadly, I can’t find any reishi or chaga mushroom grow kits on amazon anymore. What is going on? These are the only grow kits I can find at the moment. Hopefully someone will start selling some more advanced mushroom kits again soon, but for now, here are some nutritional mushrooms. I have to keep an eye out for new mushroom kits, seems like a very limited offering these days on Amazon, ouch! At least you can get your feet wet and grow some delicious nutritional mushrooms for now. If you want to try some powerful medicinal mushrooms, click on therawfoodworld banner BELOW the Amazon listings for some incredible medicinal mushrooms. Of course I’m making no claims about their medicinal value, that is simply the classification that is used by professional mycologists.

Reishi Spore Products

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