Let’s Talk About Vitamins

Casimir Funk is credited with coining the word “vitamine” back in 1912.  Wikipedia says “A vitamin is an organic molecule (or related set of molecules) that is an essential micronutrient that an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism.”


Well it turns out, these incredible molecules matter.  Quite a lot.  Too little of one vitamin, and you develop health issues, too much of a vitamin, also can be bad.  You can’t just gobble endless vitamins, but if you’re deficient in one you’re just not firing on all cyclinders.

Since vitamins were discovered early last century, a LOT of people have been eating them.  In fact, of course, it’s a billion dollar industry nowadays with a very wide range of quality involved.  So much so, that some vitamins are actually just candy, some are just crap, and some are both!  Those gummy bear vitamins with “corn syrup” and “natural flavors” are really the same as drinking a orange soda and essentially just toxic.  Throw them out.  Do it today.

In fact here in the 21st century we are looking at a huge industry and many vitamins are just not great.  Why take a VITAMIN that is just NOT great?  I’m not here to convince you that vitamins are good for you, and for some people, they can get all the vitamins they need from a healthy diet, but nowadays most of us need to fill in a few gaps.  We THINK we can get all the vitamins we need from food, but what if you’re allergic to nuts (You REALLY need the vitamin E) or if you can’t eat raw carrots because of an allergy (then vitamin A IS a really important supplement for you.)   All of us need B, C and D.  Most of us are deficient in THOSE and really DO need the supplement because yes, these really ARE very very important for both quality of life and longevity as well.

Here are the great ones. A to E.

Get these and take one each, every day.  Watch the miracle unfold.
I take mine after breakfast, but to each her own.  Best to take these with a meal though, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or after dinner if you’re going to be up all night.  Some days I might take C twice (morning and evening) but go easy on the others.  Just once a day for these, except C if you’re feeling ill or were exposed to an illness out in the world.  If you are going on a commercial airline, take C before AND after the flight.

and get some top quality probiotics.  Get THESE. Probiotic spores. Just wow.

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