Maple Syrup – Healthy Alternative to Toxic Sugar Actually Tastes BETTER

Maple Syrup is my favorite alternative sweetener and is considered a SUPERFOOD folks. There’s really NO reason to consume processed sugar with sugar alternatives like this easily available today on the web.

In this case, I think this “sugar alternative” actually tastes BETTER. This is why it’s not very difficult to switch over and begin consuming a superfood with amazing health benefits to replace a horrible processed food with literally dreadful side effects. Don’t believe me? If you don’t believe that processed white sugar is really really bad for you, I don’t know where you’ve been for the last few decades as evidence has been mounting on this subject.

The highly toxic nature of processed white sugar is almost universally expounded by everyone in the world of health and nutrition.  There really are no health experts claiming that processed white sugar does ANYTHING good for you.  In fact, white processed sugar should have a “possible side effects include” warning but since it would be such a huge long warning there would be no room on the package.  If you want to SLAM the accelerator pedal to the floor on the AGING process, white sugar will do that for ya.  Best to avoid completely and substitutes like maple syrup make that easy, because it tastes even BETTER (by far).

Please note that I’m talking about RAW maple syrup, NOT Aunt Jemima. There’s a HUGE difference. Aunt Jemima is a processed food containing very little actual maple syrup. See below for some examples of real raw maple syrup. To me, it’s the most delicious superfood and sweetener of them all by far.

I like the Mansfield maple syrup a lot, but all three of these are lightyears beyond processed sugar if you’re hoping to improve your health and your diet these are all very wise decisions after perhaps a life time of bad decisions.

Keep in mind that these are like fine wines.  While processed sugar is always exactly the same, these maple syrup products come from maple “sugaries” that are usually old family owned businesses much like vineyards, where a work of art is produced, not a mass produced toxic substance without personality or character.

Over time you may find that you prefer certain maple farms over others, but ANY of the fine choices below will be LIGHTYEARS beyond processed sugar for both health and flavor.

Hidden Springs Maple Vermont Maple Syrup, Half Gallon Grade A Medium Organic, 64 Ounce
Organic Grade B Maple Syrup 64 Oz (1/2 Gal) Plastic Jug (Bpa Free)
Mansfield Maple- Gallon (128oz) Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Grade Fancy


For more in depth information, here’s a great video to learn more about processed sugar alternatives for vastly improved health, weight loss and much more….

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