Healthy Pasta Alternative is Delicious and VERY Filling

Yes, there ARE healthy pasta alternatives that are both delicious and super healthy. For the most part, I have made the switch away from wheat. I could not have done it without these alternative pastas below. Instead of normal pasta, I eat these super healthy alternatives which actually taste way better than starchy white flour with pesticides. Most pasta substitutes just don’t cut it for me, but this one is the bomb. It’s incredibly healthy, surprisingly filling and tastes even better than normal boring white pasta. I’m stocking up on this stuff, oh man. I’m stocking up on all these!

Don’t over cook it though, it cooks really fast. Takes about 5 minutes. Make sure to boil the water first before you throw it in there, and a little goes a long way with this stuff. I think it’s actually way more filling than normal pasta because I can’t really eat that much of it before I’m full but it’s not a heavy feeling. You feel full but not uncomfortable.

This take speghetti to a WHOLE other level and your health as well.

Raw foodists simply soak the pasta in water overnight. Works great, tastes great, yum. I make it a point to NEVER run out of this one!  This company actually makes a few excellent pasta alternatives and they seem to keep adding more, you can sample them all with the variety pack on the right.

Instead of damaging your health with conventional pasta, this replacement is actually a super food and extremely healthy.

What the heck, STOCK UP on some MUNG BEANS too. How about TEN POUNDS OF THEM!! What could be healthier than 10 POUNDS of mung beans?

Buy ten of these and you’ll have 100 pounds of mung beans in the pantry. Impress your friends with 100 pounds of mung beans!

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