Medicinal Mushrooms – King Chaga & Queen Reishi

Mushrooms are misunderstood creatures.

Mysterious and magical to some, some species are extremely and powerfully healthy superfoods, and are able to save the world it turns out.  The powerfully healthy aspect is what interests me the most right now for this page.  Those remarkably beneficial mushrooms interest me a great deal.  Some of these mushrooms are truly phenomenal for your immune system and many other things.

Mushrooms have a stigma attached and people have been scared by stories of poisonous mushrooms, you know, the huge weird ones with the red spots.  Off-puting and dubious at best, these are perhaps the LAST thing a lost villager would start gobbling down while foraging late at night in the forest, wandering, alone down the path.  But we’re no longer wandering alone down that path.

Those ones with spots, nope, don’t eat those.  Why gamble on that weird looking shroom, you might say?  Nope, don’t eat em.  You are correct, don’t EVER gamble.  Most tree bearing fungus is medicinal and at the very least edible, but mysterious mushrooms by the side of the path, don’t risk it.  Don’t go foraging on your own or GUESS about mushrooms you might find in the wild, that would be insane. You don’t have to in 2017.

Just order online.  Much safer.

The days of peasants blindly gathering what turn out to be deadly shrooms, are long long gone.  Today we really do know which ones are safe and which are not, it’s a science now and there are really no risks that I am aware of.  The companies listed are extremely vigilant and bonkers about purity and the whole science is extremely exacting with very very strict guidelines and parameters for growing and packaging. These days mushrooms are an extreme science, with purity at the top of the priority list. With such exacting focus, we’re just talking about purity levels unheard of in the past.

Many people don’t realize, some of these “species” are amazingly healthy.  Remarkably so.  And nope, nobody is gambling nowadays, unless you literally are foraging your own.  People have identified species and are selling them online.  Lots and lots of them.  Very safe to buy.  With modern technology, we are now able to achieve levels of purity previously unheard of for long term storage and maximum effectiveness.

Those ancient Chinese doctors with their in depth knowledge of all things shroom, could never have imagined how far we have come today in terms of packaging and purity and research as well.  These modern day mushroom “products” have a come a LONG way from the mortar and pestle of ancient times.

Actually, you really really do need to know what you’re doing before you go picking any mushrooms in the wild, it is a very dangerous undertaking without some advanced shroom knowledge.  I wouldn’t risk it, there’s no way.  I leave mushroom foraging to the experts at this stage entirely.

Basically: Some are deadly and some are quite the opposite of that.  I’m most interested in that second type.  The incredibly healthy ones.  The ones that do unbelievable things to help your body and mind.  The ones the ancient Kings and Pharoahs were eating with great ceremony and tradition in some cases.  The ones that were used in Ancient Chinese medicine almost centrally and principally.  These are a really big deal in Chinese Medicine.  Easter medicine has been VERY much aware of these two mushrooms for literally thousands of years.  They are considered to be very powerful and highly effective in dealing with many health conditions in many ways.

Listen, I don’t have all the answers and never have claimed to have them all.  You can search this blog, I don’t claim that.  Honestly I still have a lot to learn about mushrooms it’s vast.  It’s REALLY vast and a very rewarding subject to pursue in fact.  This video is a great example of just how VAST this subject is.  This is a LONG Video.  It’s a lot of information, but there are PRIZES in store if you look deeply into this.

Even this long-ass video just barely scratches the surface of this topic.

Whether you believe it or not, this is vast and quite hugely captivating.  The more you learn about this stuff, the more fascinating it becomes.  I find this subject incredibly interesting but for now I’m going to leave you with that video to start.  Mushrooms will probably be a major focus for this site.  There will definitely be a lot of discussion around superfood mushrooms, of which there are MANY.  Let’s start with the top three for this post which is long overdue for all the Creatures out there wondering which are the most healthy ones.

Here’s some of the best available options for you to try.  I love both Chaga (the King of mushrooms) and Reishi (the Queen of mushrooms).  This Reishi Powder is really phenomenal.  Both the Reishi powder and the Reishi Oil are the very best available to my knowledge.  Each of those deserves it’s very own blog post. (coming soon)

Then the King.  Chaga is the King of the Mushrooms.   That really says a lot right there.  I tend to eat more reishi than chaga, the chaga seems heavier and more grounded to me.  The Reishi is just amazing.  The chaga seems less exciting but powerful as well, perhaps even more powerful in many ways.  I’m still learning and far from a mushroom expert just yet.  These are the two main ones in the ancient healing protocols across the Far East for centuries.  The Queen and the King.  The King Chaga and the Queen Reishi.  Ancient cultures around the world have all agreed on these two being very important and very powerful.  Today with modern science they are packaging things the ancient healers could only dream of.


Last but not least the oil.  This is the very best one you will find at the moment and the very best deal as well for a comparable product you would spend much more and still not be comparable.  This is the most delicious one I think, and probably my favorite, but be forewarned for SOME reason the bottle cap didn’t have a DROPPER included, which I found a little annoying.  Still, it IS the best quality and best deal for such quality, and so it’s a Creatures Choice absolutely for Best Reishi Oil.  Buy another amber bottle WITH a dropper and pour this in, you kinda need a dropper…Hopefully they will fix this silly oversight, but last time I ordered there was NO dropper.  Just a heads up on the top shelf Reishi oil packaging.  I’m going to email them about this and try and get it fixed.

Here’s the most powerful superfood in the world, according to Matt Monarch.
It’s called Triterpene Crystals and it’s the most potent reishi product I am aware of right now.
This little bottle lasts a LONG time, I put about a 1/8th teaspoon in one cup of water
and it’s just the right amount of mushroominess.
You don’t need much of this stuff.  (coming soon…)

and here’s some assorted interesting shroomy stuff on amazon.

Hmm, then there’s turkey tail mushrooms…these are from Paul Stamets, the speaker in the video above.  His mother healed her breast cancer with Turkey Tail Mushrooms.  Really great story Paul tells about his mother who turned her diagnosis completely around with these particular fungi which saved her life literally.  Apparently these destroy tumors, at least it quickly did so for Paul’s mother.   Remarkable story with a very happy ending.  I have not tried these (yet).  I’m told it’s very tasty as well.  If anyone tries the Turkey Tail Mushrooms before me, please leave a comment and tell me how it goes and how they taste and what you might have healed with any of these products really.

This is one of the most powerful pages on this entire site right now, watch for more in the coming year.

Oh, here’s the Fungi Perfecti Turkey Tail Mushroom capsules I have NOT tried yet.  I can’t eat EVERYTHING can I?  Actually, I’m sure I will try this one soon.  I heard this one is actually very delicious, which cannot be said for all mushrooms.

Also on the right below is a grow your own SHITAKE kit. I love Shitake mushrooms in so many different dishes, not quite as medicinal but very delicious and very high in protein! I guess protein is medicinal in a way, but more like essential part of any diet. Protein is good too.

OH, also here’s some GROW YOUR OWN MUSHROOMS kits.  Just add water!  Super easy to grow your own fresh medicinal mushrooms. Oh, and one weird syringe of spores which is very affordable and interesting. I havn’t tried the syringe yet, but at that price it’s a very appealing way to grow your own affordably so I included one red reishi and one black reishi spores. Not sure which is better, I’d like to try both for sure.

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