Pet Management – Invisible Fences & Electronic Barriers

I’m interested in cutting edge pet management strategies to help prevent your furry loved ones from escaping the yard or DESTROYING the house. It’s a concern with some pets, and for those with more than a couple pets, even more so. Love your pets with all your heart, but don’t let them get out of control. I’ve seen 5000 dollar couches OBLITERATED by cats and dogs both. If you don’t manage the herd, the herd will TAKE OVER. Spoil your creatures, play with them and train them if you must. The cat enclosures aren’t really cages at all, they are play areas and that much will be very clear if plop a herd of cats into one of these. For those of you with a PRIDE of cats, you will know how important a solid enclosure can be at times.

Pet enclosures and barriers can certainly help. Of course they must be entirely humane and of course you must never LOCK up your pets for any extended length. The only time you should really “lock up” a pet is during transport in a cage if necessary. I always loved the idea of cat play houses, that’s the idea I think here. A fun enclosure for cats to play. Studies are finding that “play time” is actually important for SURVIVAL, for all creatures. All creatures MUST play to survive. Encourage your cats to play in a safe environment. Do the same for yourself by the way. HealthyCreatures has a strict “play” policy. It must be done every day, without fail. For survival as well as quality of life for all creatures great and small. My fellow creatures, make time to play. Each and every day.

Are these pet barriers really safe? I welcome your comments. I don’t think these will cause your pet any harm, I think it’s highly unlikely, but remember that pets, like humans, are each a unique individual with different needs and tolerances. All of these products are certainly tested extensively for safely but read the instructions very carefully please.

The first 2 are for cats only, the last one works for both cats and dogs.  I’ll admit I’m still learning about electronic barriers, but in some cases they could save a baby’s life or even the pet’s life!  I welcome your comments about pet containment and humane electronic barriers for pet management indoors and outdoors as well.  (more to come for this page…)

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