liquid silica cartilage regeneration joints and muscles

Silica – For Tendons, Joints and General Body Regeneration

Silica is a major mineral your body needs badly, but these guys have it down to a science for the delivery. It has no taste at all, but you will feel the difference for sure. Hair and nails grow way faster. Stuff heals faster. Probably one of my very top supplements. Just get it. Get this one. Two sizes 1000ml and 500ml. Get the big one.  Read the instructions and do whatever it says. For me, one or two tablespoons a day is about right.  Too much would probably be a waste, I don’t know how much you can absorb per day. If I had an injury of some kind or surgery of any kind, I would probably do 3 tablespoons a day.  This new G5 is twice as strong as the old one, so you don’t need much every day.  Man I love this stuff. The first one on the left is the G5, that’s the new one that is way more powerful. Get that one.  Go easy don’t drink it up too fast, it’s the daily supplementing that is key not doing huge amounts at once.

Cartilage regeneration for the silica liquid, skin regeneration for the gel I guess. I haven’t tried the gel (yet!). I’m going to try the gel very soon for sure. Man I love this stuff, at least the liquid silica which is one of my top supplements by far if you are trying to heal muscle, cartilage, bones it makes perfect sense that silica would be one of the most amazing supplement by far, at least this one is. Never tried the powder, but this company is stellar so I’m sure it’s amazing. If you have a serious surgery recovery ahead of you, I might get both the liquid and the powder!

The brand matters. The lab matters. The science matters. Find the best and get the best, I have never found anything even remotely like this one. Just wow.

Oh yea, here’s the gel:

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