Superfoods – Maca: The Queen of the Cruciferous Vegetables

David Wolfe shows you raw maca in Cusco, Peru while discussing the magic of this extraordinary superfood.  If you’re interested in superfoods maca is a fascinating cruciferous vegetable well known as an aphrodisiac but it really has many other benefits. Apparently the workers in Peru are very very happy people and some believe their happiness really comes through in the food. I know I feel happy when I eat some. I like to mix it in my almond or coconut milk with a little coconut sugar for sweetening. It’s almost like a desert that way, but super healthy. I’ve never tried the raw root, or taken a bite from a root, I just get the pure organic powder from Peru. I would love to try a bite of the actual root, but for now, I’m happy making my smoothies with the ground up root powder I’m getting.

Since this maca is the most popular version, Cream Maca is also the most deeply researched. Studies performed in Peru have shown it to increase stamina, endurance and strength by nearly 20%. Another study from the UK in 2009 found that after just 14 days of taking Maca, cyclists were able to reduce their time on a 40 km circuit by nearly 8%. Cream colored Maca is also excellent to elevate mood, including helping people overcome low level depression or lethargy. Other major benefits people report from taking our Cream Maca powder are: improved mental focus, heighten sex drive, improved fertility and hormonal balance.

The first two are certified organic maca powder, the last one is maca extract tablets.

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