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SUPERFOODS WARNING – What you should know about Superfood

Like any new food, you should proceed slowly.  If you have any food allergies, you should be especially careful.  That’s just common sense, I shouldn’t even have to remind anyone.  If you are super allergic to nuts for example, of course you should proceed with caution before chowing down on a new type of seed or nut.  Warning:  If you are trying a new food, try a taste first to see if you like it before chowing down.

Even an ape in the jungle would know this without being told.  If you feel sick after a little taste, you should probably not proceed.  If you hate the taste, it’s probably not a fit for you.  Are superfoods safe?  That’s the same as asking is FOOD safe.  Depends on where you get it and what has been ADDED.  People are ADDING crap to food.  Companies LOVE adding crap to food.

Know your ingredients.  Learn more about food ingredients.  Some processed food contains some really gross stuff and even scary stuff.  Avoid it as much as you can.  If there are more than a few ingredients, and you don’t know what most of them are at all, that’s almost certainly bad news, and maybe really bad news.

Just a reminder, superfoods will not magically fix everything before your very eyes.  They will not instantly transform anyone into a superhealthy person.  They will not instantly make your face radiate and glow with a profound superadiance visible from 100 yards.  They will not suddenly make a morbidly obese person skinny sexy and filled with superenergy.

I have never made any such claims and never would.  Superfoods are food.  They are food items or extracted from food items.  Superfoods are food.  If you’re concerned about the food you eat, you should be!  If you’re concerned about overdosing on food, you could!  If you’re concerned about over eating, you can!  If you’re worried about side effects of superfood, you need to learn about superfoods.  Superfoods are food.  Just food.  Yes you might fart after you have a plate of cauliflower

If you’re concerned about superfood safety I”ll say this.  If you’re concerned about overdosing on a spoonful of freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice, unless you’re allergic to wheatgrass juice, it’s really not going to happen.  Superfoods may not instantly save the day or transform your body to a ripped superathlete, they are food.  Don’t imagine that food is a magic pill but likewise, don’t underestimate the power of WISE decisions.  What you DON’T do is just as important as what you DO.

Possible superfood side effects, since it is FOOD, include:  flatulence, body odor, nausea, etc.  Anytime you put a FOOD into your stomach, there are possible side effects and food is no exception.  I have found that any side effects from food usually mean there is something else going on.  If you REEK after eating a food, that might mean your body is packed with toxins that are all coming out of your skin.  If you fart heavily, that might mean you just ate beans.  Is that a “side effect”?  I guess so.

A gradual change in my lifestyle has helped me feel a lot better and look a lot better.  Even though there is a WAY longer list of benefits to becoming healthier, just those 2 reasons are pretty huge for most of us, especially that first one.  IF you feel unhealthy, you probably ARE unhealthy.  People who are VERY unhealthy are usually well aware of it because they feel like chit.

If you feel like chit.  You are probably not eating well or not getting enough exercise, or both.  You “superfood” level is not a metric anyone is measuring (yet) but lets just remember, superfood is food.  It’s exceptionally healthy food, it’s extremely dense food, it’s food packed with vitamins and minerals in great abundance.  For example, popping a vitamin D pill and an Omega-3 pill every day isn’t really going to fill the gaps in your almost certainly deficient diet.  It might help, but you may already have plenty of those and now you have TOO MUCH of those.  Everyone is different.

Almost all of us have SOME deficiency in our diet, and to say that Vitamin X and Vitamin Y are the 2 vitamins everyone should eat, is pretty much idiotic.  One persons deficiency is DEFINITELY not the same as another’s.  Everyone seems to have very different “gaps” in their diet.  Some aren’t eating enough of this, some are low on that.  Most of this is just common sense really.  I’d say most of us are deficient in MAGNESIUM, but if you’re already munching on bunches of bananas every day, you could be just fine (if a bit, er, runny in the bathroom).
For those of that DON’T eat bunches of bananas everyday and don’t really like bananas that much, like me, we should probably find a source of magnesium to fill that gap because it’s a SUPER important mineral.

Superfoods are just food.  Most of us eat a VERY wide variety of food in 2016, and superfoods are just additional items on the menu really.  Most of us have never had CHIA SEED GEL or simple organic pine pollen powder to boost testosterone naturally but that doesn’t mean those are things we crucially NEED!  Everyone has their own needs.  Some guys, the LAST thing they really need is additional testosterone, and some women really DO need a bit more of that one.  Some guys are tragically low in this hormone, while some women really should avoid it and work on boosting their estrogen instead.  It is my aim to learn as much as I can about hormones and minerals this year.

Minerals are more important than vitamins I was recently told by a prominent nutritionist.  Well, of course we need both it’s a moot point which is “more important”.  It’s the same with food and SUPERFOODS.  It’s a moot point which is more important.  If you believe that FOOD is important, then ALL your food choices are important.  You decision to eat horrific junk food is a costly decision studies are indicating without question, while your choice to have an organic vegan non-gmo burrito at chipotles is almost universally known to be a better call.  I won’t mention the bad ones by name, you know who they are.

I admire chipotles for their courage and dedication to the truth.  The truth is like weeds, they will always grow vigorously and they will always return if you remove them.   I’m glad a company like chipotles is able to survive and prosper, I almost see that company as a superhero company like superman or batman.  It seems new “organic non-gmo” fast food restaurants are popping up left and right (in the upscale neighborhoods) and will absolutely be a trend in the coming years.  I’m looking forward to that quality upgrade, although in the hood I think it’s going to be a while before we see that stuff with any sort of ubiquity.   I’m shocked if I even see ONE healthy joint in the hood.  How sad…

Back to my initial point.  My superfood warning is this.  Warning:  If you think a superfood will magically and suddenly transform your mind and body to a superman or wonder woman, you are going to be disappointed almost certainly.  I have yet to find a superfood like that, or a water fountain that will suddenly make you young again, I havn’t really found that either (yet).  Don’t expect instant sudden dramatic changes based on ANY sort of food intake.  It’s a gradual process, that’s how nature works.   Watch a plant grow one day for a demonstration.

If you want sudden drastic changes, you need hard drugs.  That’ll do ya.  Superfoods are just outstanding remarkable food items such as: avacados, ginger, garlic, etc.  Those, to my mind, are superfoods.  The world of superfoods is an astonishing world, just as the world of flowers or the world of birds is an anstonishing world.  I find all forms of nature extremely fascinating and the more I learn about it the more fascinated I become (gradually).  It’s fascinating, it’s exciting, it’s vast and it’s JUST FOOD.

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