Superfoods & Synergy

I’m pretty sure there’s a health revolution going on worldwide.  There is a tidal wave of health enthusiasm slowly but surely building, perhaps in light of things like radiation and pollution released on both a microcosmic and a macrocosmic scale.  The exterior world of water and air, the interior world of blood carrying nutrients.  Just as fast as we are building guns, and new types of weapons and bombs, we are also developing a keen in-depth knowledge of food and life.  New discoveries in nutrition and lifestyle design are happening worldwide.  The US, China and Russia and beyond!  Each of these “ecosystems” for research and discovery, are in fact producing remarkable breakthroughs almost every day.  There’s just too much interest.  Who doesn’t want to learn more about health and life?  Who isn’t concerned about radiation and other health concerns in the 21st Century.

“It’s estimated that 20 billion tons of chemicals, radioactive waste, and pollutants are introduced into the environment each year, and the belief is that most of these toxic chemicals eventually reach our water supply.” Dr. David Williams

It’s our internal organism that is growing and evolving as well as this world as a whole.  As we explore food and it’s effects, food and it’s purity, we are refining our own physiology and defining it.  As the world releases toxic products in the environment we too ingest toxic substances into our bodies, our own environment.  We are amazing creatures.  Each of us is developed resistance to bacteria and battling this war for survival really.  The crap that we eat??  The germs crawling all over us every day from home to subway to bus to plane to airport.   We can’t even BEGIN to imagine the full extent of a frequent flyer’s exposure to GERMS.  The crap that most of us have eaten for DECADES?  We are truly survivors and the immune system is our SURVIVAL system.  The immune system is getting stronger and stronger.  Each generation gets stronger and stronger and is born with greater potential strength.  That last one is pretty interesting.

In my mind, whether it’s drugs or foods, there has not been enough research done yet about combinations of things.   Synergistic relationships in both nature and man’s chemistry.  External synergists and internal synergistcs.  For example, the amazing relationship discovered between cod live oil and butter oil, is a great “external” example of ingredients that combine astoundingly well for various health reasons.  Gunpowder!  Put three elements together, sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate, and you’ve got an EXPLOSION!  Internally, maybe a good example is ways that hormones might mix and how they might react when mixed somehow into an EXPLOSION of serotonin.  Nobody ever talks about that?  Doesn’t everybody ultimately just want THAT?  I want to learn a LOT more about hormones this year.

Yes, chocolate creates an explosion of serotonin, but can’t we make that explosion bigger by mixing something else in that chocolate?

Things that combine remarkably well.  Put those together and it’s POW.  Something sparks.  Something larger than the one element is created.  All of us are doing this evolution, or we are not.  Whether we realize it or not, many of us are in fact evolving and progressing in this way.  Many of us are NOT evolving, not learning, not growing, just stuck.  If you aren’t learning about synergistic relationships, you are not learning about the magic of nature then you are not a magician.  Be magicians, and study life!  Study nutrition.  Study the Creatures!  We’re actually really interesting it turns out.

These synergistic discoveries are among the most exciting ones in my view.  After all, we are all COMBINING a wide variety of foods in the magic cauldron of our digestive system.  We are all MIXING.   Creating the final “mix” which is US.   Who we really are.

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

Which of these foods play best together and which are bitter foes and should be avoided in combination.  Is something EXTRA created when certain things are combined?  Synergy will be an interesting exploration here at the Creatures certainly I will be following up on this line of thought.  Few things are as exciting as an orgasm, unless it’s a synergasm with something EXTRA that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Ok.  I just coined a word.  Google take note!

Some quick examples off the top of my head, and I will do some more in depth posts on each of these to explore further.

Is it a good idea to mix fruit and protein in your meals? (answer: no, not a good idea)
Is it a good idea to mix starch and meat (answer: no, very bad idea.  Hamburger lovers will perhaps strongly disagree with this one)
What actually happens when you mix raw cod liver oil with raw butter oil from grassfed cows?
What happens when you consume a mixture of alcohol and sugar in that cocktail?  (answer: dehydration and a WICKED hangover)

What are some combinations of things to watch for in life and on the road if you are a frequent traveler.  What are some combinations of things from your superfood cabinet that might really make that serotonin explosion happen like never before!  Imagine the happiest and healthiest you have ever felt in any given moment and multiply that by ten.  Would that be of interest to you?





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