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Best Drinking Water Solution – Water Distillers Comparison

Ok that’s crazy.  That’s NOT going to work for us here…haha…but kinda cool anyway.  See below for some more realistic options for busy professionals and families.

We have tried a lot of water filtration systems at this point.  Spent a lot of money too.  They all use some type of “filter” which needs regular replacing, and really does not remove everything.  They just don’t folks.  All kinds of weird stuff gets through those filters, and I do mean weird in some cases.  All kinds of crazy crazy stuff is in our tap water nowadays and Flint Michigan isn’t the only place with weird ass shit in the tap water.  MOST of us have really funky tap water nowadays.  Therefor, I have been on a quest to find THE best drinking water solution and the best water purification machine. Both for powered solutions and NON-Electric distillation solutions as well.

Click here for the NON-Electric distiller I highly recommend.

Suprisingly, even in really gorgeous communities swamped with amazing trees and fresh air.  OH wow, in some cases, they buy crappy water from other areas for the tap water.  You’re not drinking fresh rain water from that tap, far far from it.  Yes a filtration system is better than nothing, but in my experience, those things CLOG UP REALLY FAST.  Ouch, THEN what is happening?   At that point, does that mean they are NO LONGER filtering out the horror show of things showing in tap water nowadays?  Yes, I think it does.

Enter DISTILLED WATER.  Distilled water removes EVERYTHING.  There is ZERO chlorine, ZERO flouride, ZERO pharmaceuticals, ZERO lead, ZERO poop, the list goes on and on…

Get one of these Durastills, these last forever. I have had one for about 20 years and it still works great! I can easily rave about Durastill because mine has been running for decades. Durastill have been making these things for 40 years or so…quality machines. Why gamble on some NEW company, these Durastills are the ones to get. Nevermind those cheaper ones way down at the bottom of the article, I really can’t say if those are great or not.

What on God’s green earth is MORE important than water, and drinking pure high quality water. These Durastill’s are my top choices. Just spring for a tank under the unit, without the tank it’s just a pain. Also, be SURE you get an AUTOMATIC, you REALLY don’t want a manual, trust me. Manually making every drop of the drinking water in your household is very quickly a huge PITA. That means: you get really sick of making your water manually very quickly. It gets old fast. Get an auto distiller, spend the extra loot. Don’t muck about with your water! Especially nowadays…

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you do decide to go distilled as we have done.  You should be aware that distilled water is somewhat LOW pH.  In addition, the mineral content is zero.  This is critically important to understand or at least be aware of. There is a huge debate on this topic.

Some believe, that if you decide to switch to distilled water, you need to raise the pH and add some minerals.  A quick solution is you can add BAKING SODA and you can add PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT.  The baking sode will raise the ph, and that particular sea salt, will provide the minerals you need.  I use a “Water Mineralizer” product that does both, and we love it.  I will post a link to get that stuff soon as I can.

You might want to also get a pH tester, or pH tester of some kind and make sure and get that pH level up there to a good level.  I’ll post more information about these important details soon as I can, but for now if you put 1/8 tsp baking soda, and 1/8 tsp pink himalayan sea salt in each gallon of water, I think that’s about right.  More soon…  There are many many ways to get minerals, and it’s easy to raise the pH of the water, so don’t let this important note stop you from making the switch. Even if you don’t bother raising the pH or adding minerals, you’re going to be drinking very clean pure water.

So there is definitely some debate on this issue. Some say we get all the minerals we need from a healthy diet, not necessarily from water. Some say the pH really doesn’t matter because once it gets inside you, the pH is adjusted by your body. Some believe the current “high pH water” craze is a scam or even bad for you, but everyone can agree that CLEAN water is a really good thing.

I’m definitely leaning towards the Durastills above, but these below are pretty much the same really. These distillers remove EVERYTHING. Most water filters can’t come close to distillers. I like the Durastill construction quality, but I’m not 100% sure which is better, they’re extremely similar, I just trust Durastill because I’ve had one for about 20 years and it’s still working great! (not much to look at nowadays, but still works). I’m going to buy a new one soon, and it will probably be a Durastill. I just really like Durastill, it’s like an old Chevy or something.

I can only rave about Durastill honestly, the rest are upstarts compared to them and I can’t recommend them. They MIGHT be just fine, and they are cheaper, but this is your water we’re talking about here? I’m saving up for a new Durastill myself, I want the best quality machine, but if you don’t care you just want something cheaper…then check these out below:

Please note, the ones below are MANUAL distillers, meaning, you have to manually fill them with water.  I definitely prefer the automatic, or else you spend a lot of time filling your water tank.  Oh man, it gets old actually.  Highly recommend automatic.  Either way, it is nice to know you’re not drinking horrible things in your water every day.  Water is really really important, and nowadays it’s got really nasty stuff in it when it comes from your tap.  Nobody on earth is questioning this fact, there is no debate on this one. There is certainly a huge debate about whether high pH water is a good idea, and whether you need to add minerals to your distiller water (or not), but I don’t know of anybody on earth that is saying your tap water is a good thing to be drinking. (with some rare exceptions if you live in the mountains or something but get your tap water tested if you’re unsure)

Update: I finally got an amazing water distiller and it’s not a Durastill. Pretty much the same, not sure which is better. I’ll post links to the one I got soon as I can. I just got a great deal, it’s pretty much the same as the durastill.

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